Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Thanks for Your Service

A while back, I mentioned sending cards to soldiers.  What I didn’t tell you was that I actually have 3 servicemen that I am currently sending cards to while they are on active duty in the military.  One is a classmate of my daughter, Christen, whose Marine Reserves unit was deployed to Afghanistan last summer.  The other two are classmates of my own, one a career Navy officer who is currently out to sea on maneuvers, the other a career Army officer who was recently been deployed.

I was running out of time to make some cards for them since the last thing I sent was at Christmas, so I rummaged around and found these patriotic-looking cards.  I made these last year for a card swap.  The theme was Valentine’s and I tried to do something unconventional.  I suppose I could save them to give as Valentine’s, but I think by changing them up a bit, I can put them to better purpose.

The changes to these cards were relatively quick and simple: 
  • Stamp the logbook over red hearts
  • Stamp “Thank U” and punch with Large Decorative Lable punch to cover up another dark red heart
  • Replaced the white cardstock sentiment inside the card.

What about you?  Have you ever come back to a project you finished long ago and completely redesign in?  I think I like this redesigned card much better than the original.  

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Crafty Neighbor said...

I just realized I didn't include the original sentiment with the photo of the original card. In case you are curious how a nautical theme became a Valentine's card, the sentiment read, "You are my compass. You are my anchor. You are my port in every storm."