Thursday, January 3, 2013

Day 3 - Sparks My Creativity

Well here we are on day 3, and I’m hoping you’re still following right along with us.  Christen and I are so excited about this project, we’ve been telling everyone we know and showing them our art journals.  So far, no one has been able to guess my word, so keep thinking about it and checking out my daily projects.  There was a pretty big clue in yesterday’s entry. I’m gathering up some cool goodies for the person who can guess it first!

So today’s prompt is “Sparks my creativity,” and to be honest with you, this one stumped me for a bit.  I mean, there are some obvious things that spark my creativity, like looking through scrapbooking magazines, surfing Pinterest, and reading all my favorite blogs and websites, but that’s really all superficial and it really didn’t apply to my word at all.  I had to dig a little deeper to find where the creativity really comes from.  What compels me to scrapbook a page, create something in my art journal, or write a song?  And when I really started thinking about that, then I had a place to start.

So what sparks your creativity?


Karen Fisher-Alaniz said...

Nice blog. I'm curious - I'll have to wander around it. Anyway, what sparks my creativity, besides the things you listed, is being aware. We walk through our everyday lives without even thinking. When I force myself to stop in the moment and focus on what's around me,things start to flow. ~Karen

Crafty Neighbor said...

An excellent point, Karen! Thanks for stopping by!