Tuesday, October 8, 2019

December Daily Product Reveal


I know it's been a long time since I posted.  Life sometimes has a way of getting complicated, and mine has been just that.  I'm long past hoping for it to untangle and be less complicated, and am now just concentrating on making the most of it. So since my last post, I've continued to help and support my niece who has lived with us since my sister passed away.  She's in college now, and since she doesn't drive, I'm the wheels that get her where she's going if the bus can't get her there.  I'm trying to keep tabs on my mother, who lives all alone in West Texas (over 300 miles away) and is having some memory issues.  My dog has had eye surgery, a stomach bug, and a crick in her neck (I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried). I've also been busy with work (I'm a travel agent by day, and a craft event organizer by night), AND my daughter decided to get engaged, so we're doing lots of wedding planning! There was also a lot of other crazy things going on, but we'll leave it at that.

So...my last post was a quick flip through of my One Little Word album for January, and I posted a couple of Layout-A-Day posts for LOAD 219.  Since then, there have been two more LOAD events, and I'm currently working on the third! I did make another flip through video of my OLW album back in June, but then I never edited it, so I might as well start over. I am keeping up with it, though, and I'm a couple of days behind on LOAD 1019, but I'm hoping to catch back up tonight.  The pages are planned; all I have to do is implement them. Hopefully I can post some of those soon.

For today, though, I wanted to share with you a box reveal.  I received my December Daily order this afternoon, and I wanted to show you what was in the box.  I'm excited to start working with these products and I can't wait to get my December Daily album going.  I actually purchased an extra kit for my daughter, Christen, and her soon-to-be step-daughter.  They both have birthdays in November, so I thought this was a perfect time to get them hooked on Ali Edwards products, too!

Anyhoo, here's the video.  I hope you enjoy, and I hope to be back soon with some of my layouts for LOAD 1019.