Wednesday, February 24, 2016

North Texas Scrap Stores

As many of you know, several years ago I posted what has become a very popular article about local scrapbook stores in the DFW area.  I pinned all the stores on a map, and posted the map on my blog.  Since that time, we’ve had many store openings and closings, and I tried to keep up with it all, but it got away from me.

Last week, I was challenged by Dee Luquette-Famularo to update the map, so out of my guilt about leaving it unattended for so long, I decided to start over from scratch!  Here it is, in all its glory…the newly updated map of North Texas scrapbook and craft stores.  Keep in mind, my info is only as good as the info I find out there, so if you hear about a store I don’t have listed, or if one of these stores closes, please let me know!  Also please note that I included all of East Texas stores in the North Texas map.  There used to be enough stores for East Texas to have its own map, but so many have closed I decided it was better to combine the two.  I do still have plans to map out the rest of the state, and maybe Oklahoma and Louisianna, too, but that will have to wait for another day! 

Not close to a local store?

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Crafty Neighbor said...

Be patient! Sometimes the map takes a second to load! :D

Deidra (504) 475-4278 said...

Hey, Cindy!

So glad my post inspired you to update everything; I know a lot of crafters here in Louisiana love to travel for their hobby, and many now have family in Texas (or even live in Texas, post-Katrina), so it will definitely be very helpful.

Thanks so much!

I would love to be of assistance, when you put together other maps for the Deep South; just call or write!


Crafty Neighbor said...

Thanks, Dee! If you have any knowledge of other stores, please do share! I'd love to put together some regional maps of where all the goodies are! :D

krazykropper said...

FYI, My Scrap Haven has moved. She has a FB page and you can get the new address there! Candi