Sunday, January 13, 2013

Happy Birthday from Honey Pop

It's a good thing I didn’t make any resolutions to blog every day since I missed a few this week!  There’s actually been quite a bit going on around here the last few days, and some of it threw me for a loop.  Poor hubby came down with a bad case of the flu and pneumonia and then my car broke down on Thursday.  On top of that, I've bee keeping up with my 365 Project, I started up the Thursday Mother’s Day Out crops again, I’ve been working on promoting several of our events coming up this year, and we spent Saturday at the Grapevine Convention Center checking out the Heirloom Stamp Show (I posted pictures of the stamps I bought on Facebook).  It's making me tired just thinking about all of it!

I can't complain too much.  I got a lot done, and I'm pretty organized so that I'm ready to do whatever's next.  What I didn’t get done this week was a birthday card and a sympathy card that I need to send out to some close friends this week, so that’s what I worked on all last night while I stayed up watching a week’s worth of TiVo’d programs.  Here’s the birthday cards (I actually made two) that I made using Inky Antics Honey Pop Collection.  This product has been around a while, but I know a lot of you have been afraid to try it out.  Don’t be!  It is super easy to use and it just makes the cutest cards!

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