Friday, April 27, 2018

I Had a Vision...

You know that feeling you get when you finally finish that project you've been working on for months?  You know the one…it’s been sitting there on your work table, and you’ll glance at it occasionally, and you might even work on it a bit from time to time, but you can never seem to find the time to just sit down and finish it.  And then, when you finally do, it’s like this huge weight has lifted off your shoulders and you have this amazing sense of accomplishment.  It doesn’t matter if the project is work or play, that feeling is the same no matter what.  And that’s exactly how I feel right now!

Some time in January, I decided that I needed to create a vision board to set my focus and intention for the coming year.  It was my hope that looking at this vision board every day would help me grow my business, be more organized, lose some weight, spend more time with family, save more money, and add a bit more adventure and travel to my life.  I wanted to share the idea with my other crafty friends, so I formed a class and we worked diligently all afternoon cutting out words and images from magazines and really thinking about what areas of our lives we wanted to improve.  But Rome wasn’t built in a day, and apparently, Vision Boards, aren’t either. I’ve been working on it steadily since then, but somehow, I could never find the time to finish my vision board.

Until today.

Thursdays are the day I host my regular Mother’s Day Out crop (most of us are retired grandmothers, but we’ve kept the moniker just the same).  I set out to make a serious dent in my vision board project because I feel like I’m missing out on the good vibes all those positive messages would be sending me, and I was afraid I wasn’t going to get to work on it at all because a bunch of work popped up at the last minute, and I spent more than half the day working on that instead of breaking out the scissors and paste.  But eventually I finished up my work and got to start back on my project and then, about 6 o’clock, I suddenly realized I was nearly done!  I just had a few empty spots to fill and a handful of cut out words and images I needed to add to my poster.  Before I knew it, the vision board was done and I had to share with my daughter, Christen, and a few select friends.

Of course, I couldn’t leave it at that.  I like to share my projects, and I especially like to share projects that I’m particularly happy with.  So that’s why I thought I’d share it to my blog today.  So here it is, at long last, my Vision Board.

I do offer this project as a class, complete with poster board, glue, and lots of magazines, so if you’re in the Dallas, Texas area and you want to make one, give me a shout!  I’ll set up a class!  Until then, keep crafting!