Monday, February 14, 2011

Last Minute Valentine's Day Cards and More...

Okay, I'll admit it, I'm a procrastinator!  So I made all these cards a few weeks ago, and then forgot to mail them.  I was going to post them on my blog to give you some card ideas, but I postponed that, too.  Ooops. But I know I'm not the only procrastinator out there...there's bound to be dozens of people right now frantically searching the web for some cute Valentine's Day card ideas.  So in case you are one of them, like me, here ya' go... a few very quick and easy cards, plus a few other cute things...enjoy!

A matching envelope:

And here's a few quick crafts you can do.  All of these take just minutes to make:

Bubble wand party favors:  tie some ribbons around the handle of bridal bubble wands.  Add a drop of pink food coloring (or VERY diluted red).  Voila!

Post-it pad Clipboards:  Cover a chipboard coaster with patterned paper.  Distress.  Add post-it notes and clip with a binder clip.  Add ribbons.

Flower pens:  Pull bottom plug out of Bic pen.  Insert small, rolled up strip of patterned paper into tube.  Hot glue flower to open end.  Wrap with ribbon.

Holders for flameless votives:  The base is a scalloped circle punched from cardstock.  Clip the scallops apart and bend upward to form the base.  Wrap with velum you have stamped with desired shapes and colors.  Add a strip of cardstock around the bottom to frame the base.  I decorated this set with punched hearts around the base.