Saturday, January 26, 2013

Two Simple Layouts

I never did post the last two layouts from LOAD 512, so here they are.  They are very plain pages because by this point in the challenge, I was pretty much worn out!  But simple is sort of what Lain was going for with this challege, which is obvious from the prompt she gave us for Day 30:

30. Simple Simon : cardstock, photo, letter stickers, one embellishment

Everything on this page is made from cardstock.  I chose a stamp (the large medallion in the background) as my "embellishment".  My title is made of die-cuts that I turned into stickers with my Xyron Sticker Maker.  The small medallion is made of cardstock as well.  I can tell you this isn't my favorite page.  It needs something, but I'm not sure what.  It is very plain.  I keep thinking I might go back and add something to it.

31. Found photo

Day 31 allowed for a little more wiggle room, but quite honestly, I couldn't think of a darned thing that this page needed, so I just left it as it was -- clean and simple.  The found photo is a postcard of a Norman Rockwell painting titled, "The Scoutmaster", which he created in 1956.  The type-written story attached to the layout was written by one of my husband's Boy Scouts as a school assignment.
Well, that finally wraps up LOAD 512, just in time for LOAD 213 to start!  I promise...I will try to post those layouts in a much more timely manner!

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