Monday, January 7, 2013

Day 7 - Squares

Today’s prompt is a little different.  Rather than asking you a question or giving you a phrase to complete, I’ve simply given you a word.  You can interpret this prompt any way you want – get creative!

I started my journal entry by punching some random squares out of patterned paper with one of my Stampin’ Up! Punches. I was thinking about “Square Meals” and how taking a more healthy approach to my meals would help me with my power word.  I added the large picture of food and then realized I should have made some of my paper squares out of pictures of food, so I layered those over the patterned paper.  I carried the theme into the title by using a fun font I downloaded from the internet.

So that’s it! The first 7 days!  Don’t forget that starting tomorrow, you will receive all 7 prompts for the week at once – just don’t forget to work on your projects every day!  And at the end of the week, I’ll upload some of the Crafty Neighbor projects to share with you! Now go do something creative!


bindurani said...

That is a nice project. The idea of 'Square Meals" looks nice with the patterned papers.

Crafty Neighbor said...

Thanks, Bindurani! I hope you are enjoying our little challenge!