Monday, January 21, 2013

HoneyPOP Cards

Whilie I was cropping at Personal Scrapbook on Friday, I ran across this stamp set designed for use with the HoneyPOP paper.  Instead of making a 3-D shape, when you use these, they make a fun, dimensional border that's suitable for scrapbooking or card-making.

I love the HoneyPOP products, and since I just got through making those cute birthday cards with it, I thought it would be fun to play with it some more.  I made these cards with the leftovers from the Pam’s Pals pages I just finished up. 

This last card is the one I made using the Beautiful Borders stamp set I bought at the crop.  I must say, it was very easy to use.  The instructions are very clear and the shapes and borders are very fun.  Unfortunately, there’s no picture of the end result, so choosing one of the patterns is kind of hit or miss.  I checked online for a chart or photo showing what each of the stamps makes, but had no luck. 

I don’t know why, but I just get all giggly when I make something with the HoneyPOP products.  I guess it just reminds me so much of my childhood.  I remember Christmas and Halloween decorations and who knows what else made out of this paper.  It’s just so stinking cute!  I’m thinking seriously about creating some of my own designs for it - any excuse to use it some more, right?  After all, what's better than getting all giggly?

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