Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Day 22 – Sign of the Times

For Day 22, Lain gave us the prompt, “Sign of the Times.”  This made me think about a common sight in many cities during the first Gulf War.  My mother and I felt very strongly about supporting our troops serving overseas, so we marched in several rallies.  I didn’t have any photographs from those events, but these newspaper clippings (and photocopies of clippings) were perfect for a page like this.

I wanted this page to have an old-fashioned scrapbook feel – something more akin to what the Smashbooks have become.

Whenever I teach a scrapbooking class, I like to stress that scrapbooks aren’t just about the school pictures, the birthdays, or the Christmas tree.  Our scrapbooks should include pages that tell the stories of our life, who we are, what we did, and what was important to us.  Sometimes those things are not captured in photos, but there are many other ways to share them in our scrapbooks.  My challenge to you is to find a story of your own that can’t be told with photos, and then go tell it.  I’m sure you’ll find some clever way to make your story come to life!

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