Monday, June 16, 2014

Day 21 – Whoops!

If you’ve been following along with my blog while we explore LOAD 514, you may have noted a wide range of styles and embellishments.  I’ve done a few pages with a lot of bling, flowers, or other embellishments, but I’ve done quite a few with almost no embellishments at all, too.  I know that one of the trends is to use a lot of different embellishments all stacked up in clusters, but for me, that style doesn’t always work.  I like my embellishments to have a purpose.  I feel like they should be a part of the story, not just something pretty to look at.  

Today’s “Whoops” page has almost no embellishments at all, and I don't think it really needs any.  The paper, the title, and the “splash” of bling all help accentuate the story of how I got my phone wet.  And since the focus of the story was the phone, I decided the best way to use this out-of-focus photo was to give it a little perspective and pop it up.

I popped up the phone in the photo by printing a second copy of the photo,
cutting it out, and adhering it over the original photo with foam squares.
To give it perspective, I only put the foam under the top 3 corners, and I
tucked the bottom corner into a slit in the photo underneath.

What is your embellishment style?  Are you the “many embellishments of all kinds” type, the “barely any embellishments at all” type, or something in between?

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