Saturday, June 7, 2014

Day 12 – Seeds of the Future

For my “Seeds of the Future” layout, I couldn’t resist digging out these pictures of my son, Steven playing on the computer when he was little.  He’s such a little game-nerd – he will hole up in his room and play for hours if I let him – especially now that he’s in college and can decide for himself how to spend his time.

There’s been a trend in recent years of doing pages with a lot of small, layered or clustered embellishments.  I really like that look, but get stumped when it’s time to create one of my own.  I think mostly that stems from having a hard time finding embellishments that I think fit.  I see a lot of pages that use things like tickets, bingo cards and other embellishments that are completely unrelated to the subject of the page.  They look really cute, but I just can't make myself do least, not yet.

For this page, I scoured my supplies to find a few fun little elements, but not nearly enough (in my opinion), to create that layered look, so instead of stacking them in clusters, I scattered them like confetti.

If you like using lots of little embellishments, too, you should check out some of the examples and tips on this blog:

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