Tuesday, February 5, 2013

365 Week 6

Way to go!  You have now completed 5 weeks of your 365 challenge and are ready to start on week 6!  If you’ve stuck with us so far, that’s an amazing accomplishment! Research shows that a third of all people who make New Year’s resolutions won’t make it through January.  I’m glad I chose a power word instead!  Aren’t you?!

Speaking of my power word, I still have no correct guesses on what it is.  When I first suggested that readers guess it, I kind of thought I’d get a lot of guesses every day and that someone would probably have it figured out during the first week or so.  So I didn’t really make a big deal about the prize.  But since we are now five weeks into our challenge and I still have no winner, I’m wondering if I need to up the ante.  I’ve decided that the prize will be a minimum of $50 value goodie bag, shipped directly to the winner as soon as someone can figure out what my power word is. 

So how do you play?  Simply post a comment on any 365 Challenge blog entry telling me what your guess is.  Guesses are limited to one per day per person.  The first person to guess it correctly wins the prize.  To help you out a little, I’ll even give you a little clue:

I’ve used the word directly on my art journal entry at least twice so far.
Here’s some of the art journaling I did this week.  Sorry you are stuck with only my journal entries right now. Christen has had some camera issues and hasn’t been able to upload anything.  We’re hoping to add some of her work to the Flickr gallery later this week and we’ll include more of her work on the blog in the future as well.

Day 29:  I would like to return to

This was a water color I did based on a lovely photo taken by my niece while on a family vacation to Mazatlån.  Almost our entire extended family went and we had such a great time that I would love to go back some day.  I posted this painting on an art journaling group and was criticized by one of the members for not using the rule of thirds (rules are meant to be broken!) and who compared my painting to Jackson Pollock (huh?).

Day 30:  Someone once told me

I keep dipping my toes in the technique of altering magazine clippings.  This collage page is kind of bare compared to the work of others.  I would like to do more, but quite honestly, I lack imagination and don’t have a clue what else I would add.  If my art journal were merely a canvas where I was experimenting with art techniques, there are tons of things I could do, but the purpose of this book is to explore my power word and so I think the journaling and the artwork should match the theme as much as possible.

Day 31:  What gives me hope?

I’m starting to get a little more artsy now.  I tried building up a background for my clippings.  I got the idea of the rub on down the left and the label up at the top from a journal page I saw online.  The bubbles on the background are some foam stamps I’ve had for eons and never used (isn’t that one of the coolest parts of this challenge – using some old tools and supplies?!).  I’ve been playing with the technique of journaling all over the background.  I really like the look, but can’t seem to make it work for me.  Not only is m handwriting atrocious, but I always make a mistake somewhere, and I have a hard time making the words fit in the right spot.

Day 32:  I would like to be remembered for

I based this entry on a page I found on the Balzer Designs – Art Journal Every Day blog.  She has some incredible step-by-step  instructions for her techniques.  I’ve learnd quite a bit.  My backgrounds still aren’t as built up as a lot of art journals I see, but I’m starting to like it anyway.

Day 33:  Family

This prompt didn’t go as planned at all.  My original idea was to use the new Versamark pen I bought at the stamp show to write all the last names used by me and my parents.  It would act as a resist for the ink I would latter rub onto the page, and also for the zentangle.  Unfortunately, the paper is so porous that it just sucks up the Versamark ink and then it doesn’t emboss very well.  I also did not think through the process enough to remember than the embossing would not resist the Sharpie.  I do love the zentangle, though.

Day 34:  If I were an animal, I would be….

Honestly, I was stumped, but when Christen suggested that I was a dolphin, I had to agree.  This page is very plain.  I just couldn’t think of anything else to add.

Day 35:  Use a newspaper article or current event from tv as your prompt

I had fun with this prompt.  I found all these words in my local paper.  The book and face came from a magazine.  I tried to do some color blending on the background, but it didn’t turn out quite like I planned.  The Stickles on the mask and “me” were a last-minute addition.

Now that you’ve seen what I’ve been up to this week, let’s take a look at the prompts for week 6. 

  • The color yellow
  • Fate
  • My parents
  • My favorite holiday
  • Daily…
  • Chores
  • An arm and a leg

I don’t know about you, but some of these are hitting a little close to home for me.  That’s good…I really want to put my heart and soul into this, and some of these questions really make me think hard about my answers.  I hope they are working for you as well.

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