Wednesday, February 6, 2013

1st Chair

I was flipping through some of my older scrapbook pages and came across one that I never posted on the blog.  It was such a unique page that I felt I had to share it.  The fun thing about this layout is that it could be easily replicated either with traditional scrapbooking or digital.

There are lots of layers on this layout.  I used black cardstock as the base, and over that I used a transparency with my journaling.  It's a bit hard to read in the photograph, but in person, it is quite clear.  I used a bold font because the text is the same color as the cardstock.  On the right you will note the long photo of the cello.  This was originally half of an 8x12 print (I think the other half was a panorama of a resort in Mazatlán).  I cut a strip of the 4x12 and scooted it to the left as another layer over the patterned paper.

I used to order these odd-sized prints from my local Wolf Camers (Ritz), but since they have gone out of business, I plan to give Persnickety Prints a try.  I think using odd-sized prints can make a very striking layout.  What do you think?

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