Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Use Your Time Wisely

Boy oh boy, the title of this post says it all!  Using my time wisely is something I really need to work on mastering!  Maybe then I won’t be posting articles at midnight on the day they are due!

Speaking of using time wisely, this layout goes in my son’s college album.  I’ve barely started on it, so it’s still fun to ad a page to it now and then.  This set of photos was from last year when I went to Texas A&M to watch my son march in a review of the Corps of Cadets.  The Corps is a live-in ROTC program at the university, and last year was my son’s first year as a cadet.  While I was there, I took him down to the laundromat to teach him how to do his laundry.  He used his free time while he was waiting to shine his shoes.  It’s a very simple page, but he’s a boy, and every page does not have to be layer upon layer of eye candy.  Sometimes a simple page does the job just as well.

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