Tuesday, April 16, 2013

365 Week 16

Some things have to change, and unfortunately, the weekly 365 Challenge is one of them.  If you’ve been following our challenge all along, you may recall that I started out posting the daily prompt each morning, along with a sample of the work I had done.  After the first week or so, I slowed the posts down to once per week, giving you examples of the work I had done along with the next seven prompts.  It worked really well, until I got busy. 

I’ve had a lot going on at Crafty Neighbor Studios these past two weeks, and I’m finding it’s a bit of a challenge to keep up.  I can get the artwork done, but finding the time to photograph it, edit the photos, write up the post and upload it along with the photos has kept me up late, late at night more often than I care to think about.  In fact, right now I am fighting yawns and droopy eyelids.

So in the interest of making sure I get the next seven prompts posted early each Tuesday, I’ve decided to cut back on the number of art journal pages I share on my weekly post.  Don’t worry, you can still see all my art journal pages on the 365 Flickr site, I just won’t be sharing them on the blog as well. 

I hope this change will help me get the posts done quicker, and will ensure that you have the prompts first thing every Tuesday morning.  So without further adieu, here are the next seven prompts followed by my favorite project for this week.

  • The last thing that made me laugh out loud
  • The most terrifying moment of my life was….
  • Expectations
  • Map
  • Distress
  • What am I taking for granted?
  • It is better to give than to receive 

My favorite work for this week was from Day 100 “Self Destructive”.  I decided to Zentangle this page because I hadn’t done it in a while.  I learned a few new tangles in the process and thoroughly enjoyed the meditative quality of working on it.

I hope you have enjoyed the 365 projects, and I encourage you to head on over to the 365 Flicker group if you would like to see more.  I will be adding them as soon as I get them edited.

Now go do something creative!

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