Thursday, July 24, 2014

Christmas in July - Part 3

This is the last day of Christmas in July, I promise.  I just had to share with you a couple of cards I’ve made over the years.  I took pictures of them a long time ago, intending to post them here, but I never did.  So I think now is the time.

I first saw this tree card at Great American Scrapbook Convention at the Stamps by Judith booth.  She frequently demos this card, and I’ve always thought it was so cute.  It’s really very simple to do.  My friend and former Crafty Neighbor, Stephanie, also made this card.  We bought all the stamps at the same time, but as usual, I found another idea and wound up doing that one instead.

This card uses 5 different stamps: the branch, which is stamped over and over again to form the tree, the star on top, the lights which are stamped randomly all over the tree, and two different kinds of snowflakes/flurries.  The cord, plug, and pot for the tree were all drawn by hand.

This next card was another technique I learned at GASC, and I’ve used it several times with other stamps.  Normally, you would stamp with Staz-on on one side of transparency film and then “color” with glue and glitter on the opposite side of the transparency.  I didn’t have a candy cane stamp, so I used my laser printer to print a coloring book candy cane I found online.

The card looks a lot better in person where you can get the full effect of the glitter and the glossy metallic paper.  One thing I did learn about “white” glitter…it’s rarely ever truly “white”, and if it is, it’s not very reflective.  It’s also very see-through, so I had to use a lot more glitter and glue on the white than I did for the red. 

Making 100 of of these was also very tedious, but what can I say?  I always bite off more than I can chew when it comes to Christmas cards.  I’m sure this year will be no different.  And yes, I do have a card in mind, but you’ll just have to wait and see what it is!

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