Friday, May 30, 2014

Day 8 – Soundtrack of Your Life

I’m still stuck in the project box for this prompt. It’s hard to resist the pull of doing a layout without having to pick out pictures, match paper, or figure out what’s next.  I have all these project boxes right there in front of me with ready-to-crop pictures, matched papers, embellishments, and sometimes even ready-made journaling.  Plus, I’m doubly motivated to get some of these projects done because they’ve been hanging around for a while and I’m already getting tired of them!

I did at least try to stay on theme for this page, as I was going to do a page featuring the lyrics to the A&M fight song or maybe one the marching cadences the cadets use, but I had multiple large pictures to fit on only one page, so I decided I didn’t have room.  What I wound up with was this simple, blocked layout.

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