Thursday, May 22, 2014

Day 1 – In the News: Welcome to the SEC!

Welcome back to LOAD!  Many of you know that means that I’ll be featuring lots of scrapbook layouts over the next month or so, but if you’re new to this blog, you may not know what that’s all about.  LOAD is a cute acronym for Layout A Day, a month-long online workshop and challenge hosted by Lain Ehman of True Scrap.  I’ve been participating in LOAD a couple of times a year since 2012 and I have so much fun and learn so much about myself and scrapbooking that I just have to share!  So for the next 31 days or so (with a few pauses for some other cool stuff), you’ll get to see all my crafty LOAD creations!

Each day, Lain sends us an email with a video and a prompt.  The video is where Lain goes into detail about the prompt.  Sometimes she will share her reasoning, or give you some ideas on how you can utilize the prompt, and she always provides an example made by either herself or one of her helpers.  As a participant, I generally use the prompt to make my page (although I’m not required to do so), and then post it to the LOAD Flickr page.  Sharing our layouts in the Flickr gallery is great because we can see what some of the other 500+ scrappers are doing and get a lot of great ideas.  I usually keep a log of all the prompts along with some notes and ideas for future pages using that same prompt.  It’s a great way to kick-start my creativity, and the prompts have directed me to do some really insightful pages that I probably would never have thought about doing.

Some LOADs I have more time on my hands than others, but this particular May, I have been busier than a centipede at a toe counting contest, so I apologize in advance if any of my pages are not up to my usual muster.  May 1st was no exception because I was on my way out of town to visit my son at college, and being the first day of LOAD 514, I was a bit challenged to get something done quickly before I left.  But I’ve found that even on my rushed days, there’s still time to scrapbook if I plan carefully.  You can, too! 

For Day 1, Lain chose the prompt “In the News”, and I knew I did not want to work on something elaborate, so I went to my stack of “projects in progress” and pulled out my son’s college album.  I’ll talk more about my projects in progress stack in a later post, but for now all you need to know is that I had a bunch of pictures already printed up, paper and embellishments were all together and I just did some quick computer journaling to round it all out.  I selected this particular story and photo because it was something I knew I could journal quickly, it didn’t require a lot of fancy embellishments, and all my supplies were right there together.  The page went together super fast, and technically it is still in the theme of “In the News” – it was a news-worthy event and I used the newsprint patterned paper as one of my layers.

Thanks for dropping by today.  Come back tomorrow to see what I did with the theme “If These Walls Could Talk.”

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