Saturday, May 24, 2014

Day 3 – Mom, I'm BOARD!

To be honest, I don’t think my kids have ever said, “Mom, I’m bored,” and I don’t think I ever said it myself.  I guess that being an avid reader has filled me with curiosity, imagination and the knowledge that there is always something for me to do – usually more things to do that I ever have time for!  My kids were both really good about entertaining themselves, too.  Luckily for me, Lain was talking about board games, not being bored (would a page about being bored be boring?), and I had the perfect layout in mind!

My wonderful husband, Mark, has often told this funny story about playing Monopoly with this Dad.  So years ago, when Jolee’s came out with this cute miniature Monopoly board embellishment, I knew I had to make a page about it.  I bought that embellishment in 2000-something, but I just never did anything with it.  I didn’t have a photo of the event, or any photo of my father-in-law playing a board game, for that matter, but I took Lain’s suggestion of just finding a random photo of the person and using that.  I actually made Mark hand-write his journaling, but it was so long it didn’t fit on the page so I typed it instead, using a casual font.  I was missing the letter “M” from my Scrabble tiles, so I decided to use a die-cut for the 1st letter on both words instead. 
Once again, my page was quick, easy, and not too fussy.

If you like my layouts, you can find more on my Flickr gallery, including layouts from each of the 6 LOADs I have participated in.

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