Saturday, December 29, 2012

Three Cute Calendars to Start Your New Year!

Calendars are a popular purchase this time of year, but why not make your own?  Here are three examples of handmade calendar projects that we think are pretty darn cute!

Simple:  This simple calendar is made from a coaster! 

Cover the coaster with patterned paper.  The background was cut with a die cutting machine (check out the Cricut Story Book font for lots of suitable backgrounds).  Adhere a mini calendar (I got no less than 5 in the mail from insurance agents and real estate brokers!) and a cute embellishment.  This one is magnetic.  We used our Stampin’ Up Itty Bitty Shapes punches to cut cute little florets out of a self-adhesive magnetic sheet.

Middle of the Road:  For a cute and creative project that won’t take forever to complete, try this desk calendar made from a CD case. 

Disassemble the CD case and put it back together backwards to create a free-standing easel.  Each month is displayed one at a time on it’s own page using pages from a mini calendar, or one that you print yourself.

Each month has a mat for one photo

A piece of 4 5/16” x 7” piece of cardboard makes a sturdy backing.   

Not shown:  a binder clip attached to one side will hold the calendar in place.

Over the top:  If you want a calendar that speaks volumes about your creative style, then this is the calendar for you. 

Made from a cookie sheet and found objects, this magnetic perpetual calendar can be customized to fit any color-scheme or theme.  Your imagination is your only limitation.

A NASCAR themed calendar

Coaster calendar designed by Sharon Armstrong
CD calendar designed by Stephanie Gannon and Sue Norris
Cookie sheet calendar demonstrated by Sue Norris.
All projects were created and assembled by Cindy Murray

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