Monday, December 31, 2012

One Project a Week Alternative

Several people have mentioned that they are interested in following along with our little 365 challenge, but they really don’t think they can do an entry every day.  I just want to remind everyone that there are no grades in this.  You won’t be counted off if you start and don’t finish, you don’t have to turn anything in, and you certainly don’t have to made something creative every day. 

The idea behind a 365 is just to get you going.  To help with your motivation and to get you creating on a regular basis.  So if the 365 thing is what’s holding you back, then please, please, please just throw it out the window!  One of our participants has decided to turn the 365 into a 52-Week project and that’s just GREAT!  Since everything after Week One will be posted in a weekly format, it lends itself perfectly to a weekly project.  When the list comes out at the start of the week, pick one of the prompts that moves you and go for it!  If you feel like doing more than one, more power to you!  I can’t say it enough, there are no rules here!

If you do decide to participate on a weekly basis, you are still welcome to add your projects to our gallery, and be sure to title and tag your entries as “Week # - Day #” so we know which prompt you used.  Adding the “Week #” part lets us know you are doing a 52 project.

To upload your projects to our gallery, create a profile and join our Crafty Neighbor 365 group.  When you complete your projects, take a picture or scan them and upload them to your profile.  Once they are on your photostream, you can share them with our group using the “add to group” links.  It really is that easy.

So what are you waiting for?  Go find your power word and get ready to do something creative!

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