Sunday, February 17, 2019

One Little Word January Flip Through

Howdy there!

If you've been following me this week, you may recall my mention of One Little Word, a digital online class presented by Ali Edwards.  My sweet friend, Susan, bought the class for me as a belated birthday gift.  I've been talking about it for years, and although I've had a word of the year for many years, I've never taken any of Ali's classes.

For those of you who don't know, One Little Word is a year-long class that focuses on finding a word that represents your goals or intentions for the upcoming year. If you want to know more about finding your own word of the year, just put that in the search terms on this blog page.  I've talked about it many times!  This will be the first time taking Ali's class, so I'm not sure what's really in store other than the fact that each month she will present a lesson with prompts (homework).  I've gotten a bit of a late start since I only recently started the class, but I'm enjoying the work.

So even though I got started a bit late, I think I'm going to be caught up soon, and I wanted to start sharing, in part because it's good for me to share, and also to break up the monotony of so many 12x12 layouts from all of my Layout A Day posts.  So here's a peak at my album so far, and I will continue to post more videos and pictures as I move through the class.

Thanks for watching! This has been a fun process so far, and I look forward to sharing more with you.  In the mean time, I'd love to hear about your word of the year (or one little word, if you prefer). Tell me about it in the comments below!

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