Friday, March 22, 2013

Empty Nest

Today’s layout features one of the very few professional portraits my husband and I have had made together.  We had it done on last year’s Crafty Neighbor scrapbooking cruise.  It was the first time hubby has ever gone with me on one of our cruises.  We both had a great time.

The layout was done for Layout a Day this past February, and our prompt was “Scrapbook your honey”.  I had a really hard time with this prompt because I wanted to do something of hubby and me together, but I really don’t have many pictures of us like that.  I know many of you probably have the same problem – when you are the photographer, there’s never any pictures of YOU! 

Family portraits are an important legacy that we leave behind for our descendants.  Sadly, most of us get so busy and wrapped up in the day to day things that we really don’t get those family portraits done as often as we should.  I’m guilty!  The last family portrait we had taken was before my son was born.  He turned 20 on Wednesday!  It was a good three or four years earlier than that for some pictures of hubby and me.  That’s too long!  

Our kids are grown now, and we are celebrating our empty nest, but that doesn't mean it's any less important.  Make sure to have a family portrait done every year or two.  It’s a valuable snapshot of your family’s growth from year to year, and you will be glad to look back at how everyone has changed.  If you can’t afford to have one done professionally, find a friend and arrange a swap!  Or at the very least, sit everyone down on the sofa and start the timer on the camera.  I promise you won’t regret it!

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