Tuesday, March 19, 2013

365 Week 12

Are you ready to start week 12?  I wasn’t sure if I would be.  My week has been so chaotic that I’ve nicknamed it “The Fast and Furious”.  Somehow I managed to get in 7 journal entries.  Did you?

Day 71 -- My plan is…

This prompt made me think about how my plans never seem to go the way I planned.  To demonstrate, I made a not-so-simple flow chart. 

Day 72 -- Best gift I ever gave

I got a little stumped on this one, and finally convinced myself to go a different direction with the prompt.  Rather than focus on good gifts I have given, I chose to describe how I often don’t get the best gift.

Day 73 -- Anagram your name

I’m not very good at thinking outside the box when it comes to art, but that’s exactly what I wanted to do with this prompt.  I know it’s not much of a stretch, but for me it was definitely something new and original.  The letters are all “leftovers” that I’ve cut out over the years when making titles for my scrapbooks.  I saved them in the hope I would find a use for them, so I’m glad I finally did.  This was also one of the first few pages where I didn’t really worry about what the finished page would look like – I just did each step as it came to me.

Day 74 -- People say I look like

I get so many comments that I look like this person or that one.  For that reason, I thought I would show ALL the people I look like (or so people say) rather than just one.  I enjoyed doing this prompt, but I really hated hunting through all the photos looking for just the right ones.

Day 75 -- Two sides to every coin

To illustrate my quotes, I used my Sixx Big Shot and rubber embossing mat to emboss pennies over most If not all of the card.

Day 76 – Bully

The bully prompt made me think of an exercise we did with the Girl Scouts one year where we tore up a life-sized drawing of a person and then put it back together .  The activity was meant to demonstrate that harmful words do damage to a person that can never be fixed.

Day 77 -- In 1 hour…

I couldn’t think of a darned thing I would do with just one hour, but I’m sure there are lots of people out there who do. 

Welll, that’s it for this week.  And here are next week’s prompts:

  • If I died today, it would be because…
  • Watch tv for a commercial and use that as your prompt
  • My hero
  • Define perfection
  • I could teach…
  • My own personal prison
  • If I could change the world

Go do something creative today!

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