Thursday, May 24, 2012

Four More Challenges from LOAD 512

I tell you, Lain is killing me!  Or at least it seems like it.  The prompts she has given us for LOAD 512 have really made me dig deep, and quite frankly, today I’m at a loss for what to do!  I’m on Day 24 now, and our prompt for today is “Overheard Conversation”.  Oh dear!  The first thing that comes to mind is a memory of my lovely daughter, Christen, sitting in the back seat of our car.  When she was little, that girl would carry on entire dialogs with herself, including made-up voices and the whole nine yards.  It was crazy entertaining.  She still has a knack for imitating other people.  I swear, she should have been a comedian…oh wait, I digress…anyway, I think I’d like to use that, but am totally clueless about finding a picture to use.  I didn’t have a lot of ordinary snapshots back in those days.  I’ll have to tinker around to see what I can find.  In the mean time, here are four more layouts.

Day 10:  Scraplift a Cereal Box

My first thought was “Seriously?!”.  I put it off until the very end of the day, then I just slapped something on paper to resemble one of the boxes I found in the fridge.  I had to adjust the position of a few of the elements, but you get the general idea.

Day 11:  Touch

I struggled with this one, too. The prompt was to use the sense of touch.  I kept thinking about a blanket my son carried when he was small, but then I couldn’t find any of the photos.  Then I thought about the foot pain I experienced while training for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day, but I didn’t have any good photos of that, either.  Eventually, I settled on some pictures of my son’s head after he’d had a recent hair cut.  I didn’t have any photos printed out, but I did have some great digital ones that were easy to find, so I opted for another digital layout.  I do most of my digital layouts in Photoshop, and all of the elements are free ones that I found on the internet.  I colored the button in Photoshop to make it match the page.  To make the journaling text fit the lines on the journaling element, I used the Character Palette to adjust the spacing of each line.

Day 12:  Something from your trash

Yes, Lain is trying to kill me!  The Day 12 prompt was to pull something out of your trash and use it on your page.  Guess what?  I emptied my trash the day before!  Fortunately for me, I scrounged around and found a cardboard box of some “trash” that accumulated while I was cleaning out my crop room a while back.  The box got left in my spare bedroom along with the box of garage sale items and other things I hid it there.  In the box, I found a tag that I had previously used to mark a price at a scrapbook garage sale.  I flipped it over and used it on a layout I had already made into a kit!

Day 13:  Sketchy Sunday

I was so glad to get some relief with a sketch!  Sketches are simple for me.  I stretched this one out to 12 x 12 (all of the sketches so far have been 8 ½ x 11) and rotated it 180°.  It made for a really quick layout after a really busy day.  I love it when I can whip out a page quickly. 

That’s it for this post.  Tomorrow I’ll be back with four more challenges and a tip on how you can use your computer print on ready-to-use journaling cards.

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