Friday, February 3, 2012

Favorite Picture

Favorite Picture...that was today's prompt for the LOAD 212 challenge.  I knew immediately, what picture I wanted to use, and thanks to some really spicy Thai food for dinner last night, I pretty much had the layout figured out by morning (seriously, I dreamed about scrapbooking ALL...NIGHT...LONG!).  Since I didn't really stock up on supplies in advance for the challenge, I did have to make a Hobby Lobby run to get card stock (oh, DARN...I just HATE having to go to Hobby Lobby, don't you?).  Any way, here's the inspiration for my page:

And here is the resulting 2-page layout:

I must confess, I spent a lot more time on my layout today than yesterday, and probably a lot more than I will spend on my layout for tomorrow.  But this was a very special photo, and I felt like I had to do it up "right".  So there it is.  I'm still excited to see what tomorrow's challenge will be!

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