Monday, November 15, 2010

November Card Ideas

You've probably noticed that most of my cards are square (6"x6", to be exact) and that they often use the same line of paper.  We'll, that's because of something I mentioned in an earlier blog.  It was a time-saving tip from a fellow scrapbooker that I adopted for my own.  Whenever this crafty neighbor finished a scrapbook page, album, or craft project, she would immediately use the scraps to make as many cards as she could with the leftovers.  This method ensured that she wasn't building up piles and piles of scraps or simply throwing away and wasting whatever pieces were left over from her projects.  It also meant that she always had a ready supply of cards made up for just about any occasion.    I loved this idea so much that I've been doing it ever since!

So why make 6"x6" cards?  That, too, is a time saver.  Since all my supplies are the result of some other scrappy project, I am usually left with 12x12 paper and scraps.  The fastest way to use them?  cut it in half, fold that in half, and Voila! an instant card.  Of course, this means that I need an odd sized envelop for my odd-sized card.  I generally like to use clear cellophane envelopes.  Not only do they come in a variety of sizes that fit my cards perfectly,  but you can see the card through it!  Why hide a beautiful card behind some plain old envelope?  Not me...gotta go flashy all the way, right?

Oh and one more note...if you decide to make some of these square cards, be sure to double up on the postage.  Two stamps should generally do it if you don't want to weigh it.  You wouldn't want your recipient to have to pay the extra postage!

Here's a few new birthday card ideas featuring Basic Grey's Ambrosia and Lime Rickey product lines:



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